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My wife was away for the weekend so the kinxxx man who designed my bi side in the last couple of weeks ago I said that he had organized a very special night kinxxx for me, so be ready when he called it. He is like me and mid-forties - married, he kinxxx liked to stay in control when we met before, and today was no exception. When I knew I was dressed exactly as indicated, sparkling red heels, stockings, black with small red panties and tight red lace Basque, my new wig, and way too much makeup. I had never gone so far with the dressing, but felt wonderful horny while walking to his car, luckily it's late and very dark, so nobody seemed to notice. Before he slipped his hand left my tight skirt, to make sure everything kinxxx was calm, firm instructions to give me a kiss on the mouth, smiled and said it would recall one night before the trip. entered the parking lot of the forest after 20 minutes, where I was surprised to see several pairs of headlights was. After leaving tHe went to his car and opened the door and grabbed my hand as I left the car he was afraid that the other cars that followed, but still. He introduced me to one of the picnic tables and told me to lie before me that pushed me forward and a few other guys had not noticed before you could say I put my arms before the end of the table the union of the wrist and connects it to the end of the table, I felt at that kinxxx moment, my legs are also framed as he struggled to maintain balance on heels, ankles were then tied her legs, I said nothing, as I I was waiting for the inevitable and do not care what they wanted to do with me, was one of the cars moved, the lights illuminated the scene. I did not know how many people were invited, and how many were there to observe. I felt several pairs of hands on my body and legs and under my skirt into my underwear and in exploring my tight hole. Then it all started, spent a couple of guys, whereand my head was the first cock got into my mouth at the same time, I felt my skirt pulled up kinxxx and cut my underwear over his ear. The ky was cold, as if rubbed in and around my ass, at least with him though! Fortunately, the first cock was not too great because it only came into their depth and began pumping furiously in and out of my kinxxx ass, he was obviously in a hurry, then, was a bit of a blur, I counted ten cocks my ass as the night wore on, especially when it turns out with me for three cars in the parking lot and make it all began again. Finally it ended and I was for a while still handcuffed to the table when I leave the car, including the man who hit me came over and touched her exposed swollen and my ass and laughed when I was a real demon said that listening bitch left, and I belonged to him. I knew it was true and thought about what he has in store for me next !
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